PowerDirector Mod Apk

PowerDirector Mod Apk

Welcome to the Official Website of PowerDirector Mod Apk. This is one of The Best Video editing applications for Android smartphones. Download Now the PowerDirector Mod APK from this Site, and Enjoy Watermark Free with All Premium Features Unlocked for Free.

No Watermark No Ads 4K UHD Export Premium Activated

PowerDirector Mod Apk Download For Android: Video editing is a great skill but it can be improved and made better with the right tools. The PowerDirector is a great tool with tons of useful features which can be found only in premium computer video editing tools whose charges are too much. This application is very well optimized and a good thing that you won’t lose video quality after export.

Powerdirector Premium Apk

So if you want to use the PowerDirector Premium Version then stick to this page and will provide you with every detail of it and how you can make the best use of this premium video editing tool without any watermark and advertisement. Let’s have a look at each and every tool as well as the features of this app.

What Is PowerDirector?

PowerDirector is a fully-loaded premium video editing tool for android phones which has dozens of features that can enhance your video editing skills and can help you to edit better videos with the help of available tools, and most importantly it helps you to export videos in the highest quality without losing the video clarity.

It helps you to create stunning videos like a pro in the easiest ways in a short time because the tool that PowerDirector offers is very friendly and anyone can easily understand its working how it performs. With the use of it, you can create cinematic-style movies too.

To help you become and create more creative content it offers a massive library of Copyright Free Photos, Videos, and Music, and the library is so large that you will never run out of stock media files. The developer of PowerDirector has focused on the smoothness of the app so that it works perfectly even after long use and on low-end devices without any issue.


Features in the app are just endless and each tool comes with its own unique speciality, in addition, it can be used for multipurpose, and when you know about the tools and app features you can develop more creative ideas and create more stunning videos by using min elements in the videos so that it looks much better.

Let’s have a look at each tool one by one and know what are the uses:

High-Quality Editing & Export

Unlike other android video editors here they promise to export video in high quality but end up by reducing the quality of the video. Whereas it is not similar in the case of PowerDirector and in PowerDirector you can edit and export video in the highest quality that is 4K without losing the video quality. But if you are exporting video in the highest quality it will take time and also affect the performance of the device. So make sure to recheck your device specifications before exporting the video.

Speed Customizer

Short video platforms like TikTok, Reels are getting more attention to slow-motion videos and after seeing those videos many of us want to create such slow-motion videos. But due to lack of proper tools we can’t. But in Pro Version Of PowerDirector, you can easily customize the speed of any video clip by using the speed adjustment tool. Videos can be made fast, slow, reverse as you like from any point to any point required.

Video Stabilizer

After recording the video with handphones shakes a lot and the output video is not so cool, but by using the video stabilizer of PowerDirector you can easily fix the Shaky effect that occurs in the video. You can also find some tutorials to fix Shaky Video via PowerDirector Mod Apk on YouTube.

Attractive Typography

Typography plays an important role in any video, presentation, image, and in the Premium PowerDirector library, there are tons of attractive and animated fonts which are very attractive and can easily grab viewers attention.

Voice Changer

It is a fact that many people like me and you don’t like their own voice, and if you are one of those and don’t want to create video content in your own voice and interested in using a voice changer tool then the PowerDirector Voice Changer tool will help you to experiment with quirky audio effects and try something so that no one finds that who is the person behind the video.

Chroma Key

Chroma Key facility is mainly used by filmmakers to change the background of any video clip by shooting the video behind a plain green cloth. The Chroma Key of this app is very very efficient in identifying the human body and the green background and because of that it easily changes video background in just a few taps.

Overlays & Blending-Modes

Overlays & Blending Modes are mainly used to create double exposure effects and two video clips look like one. In most of the tools you have to struggle to create good looking spectacular double exposure effects from the video but it is not so in the case of PowerDirector Pro Apk and whatever action you perform is fully customizable.

Easy Social Sharing

Why PowerDirector is The Best Video Editor?

These are some of the most common and most popular tools without video editing can’t be done. In PowerDirector, these tools are optimized and make the app works smoothly even if the timeline is full of elements.

Trim, Splice & Rotate: Trimming & Rotating the video clip is a basic task and to keep it basic it is done in a single tap with this app.

Control Brightness: Brightness & Saturation is very important part of any video, if it is not balanced then the whole video will be unenjoyable, and none of the viewers is going to love it even if the content is full of comedy or drama.

Effects & Transitions: PowerDirector has made things simpler by providing the drag & drop feature, which is rarely found in any other android video editor.

Multi-Timeline: Multi-Timeline is very much useful when you want to use multiple elements at once in one video. Such as if you want to use audio, video, and image also in one video then a single timeline can’t help you manage things.

Voiceover: Voiceover videos of movies and cartoons are very entertaining but it requires high skill and a good tool that records crystal clear voice, and the inbuilt voice recorder of PowerDirector is very well optimized to record your audio by reducing external noises.

PIP Overlays: With the help of PIP overlays one can Create video and picture collages.

Pre-Made Templates: Pre-Made Templates are very much useful and easier to create awesome videos in less time with less effort. Creating your own template from scratch can take more time but with the premade templates all you need to do is to click and replace with your clips, and in PowerDirector, you get a package of hundreds of free templates, video effects, filters, background music and sounds

Wht is PowerDirector Mod Apk?

Even the free version of PowerDirector is Amazing and so many unique and useful features are available that can enhance your video editing to the next level but on the other hand it also has some limitations which is not acceptable by users and they just want to remove it at any cost but also don’t want to upgrade to the premium subscription.

That’s why we use the PowerDirector Mod Apk to get access to all the locked features without upgrading to the premium subscription plan for free. In this modded version one can remove the watermark, can’t view any advertisement, and also access all the premium library materials available in the app.

MOD Features

Here are some of the very special features of PowerDirector which will make you feel amazing and these are really very special and I’m sure you want these tools very much.

Let’s have a look at these special tools one by one:


No Ads

No Watermark

After downloading the free version of PowerDirector from the Google play store you export the video it comes with a watermark of the app, which doesn’t look good if you are making any special video. So we have removed that watermark facility and by installing this premium version there won’t be any watermark of the app/developer.

Up to 4K Export

The app developer has paid extra attention to making the app extra smooth, even on rendering without damaging the video clarity. With this premium version, you will export your videos in the highest quality that is 4K. But higher video quality will also affect your device performance so make sure you are using it according to your device specifications. Various export options are available so choose wisely and also look for a preview of how it is going to appear after export.

Premium Activated

Premium Library Of The app is not accessible by everyone in the free version, but the good news is you can access all the library items, such as music, stickers, image, video, transitions, etc. almost everything you want to use.

Download PowerDirector MOD APK Latest Version

PowerDirector Mod Apk
requires5.0 and up
MODsPremium Unlocked
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Hello PowerDirector users,

Our talented product development team has been working tirelessly to improve ease of use and functionality so you can enjoy the best video editing experience on your mobile.

Try out the latest version, and feel free to let us know your feedback: [email protected]

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User Reviews

Lucas Stanfield First day using the app, gotta say it’s pretty intuitive. It comes with built-in tutorial videos of you can’t figure something out, so if you can’t do what you want to do I’m going to chalk it up to user error. I am using the premium version, though. That may have something to do with it. All in all, I’m very satisfied so far. Will update the review if anything changes, but it serves my purpose perfectly.

IceTheGun Dude, I really will get the PRO Version soon. This app is very awesome and so great! I think the only way to create a good editing video is on PC, but you can also do as well as like PC app just by your phone. I just create some gaming videos for my Youtube channel and still editing. But the effect and transition are very beautiful. I’m still on the Free version for now, but I got a good vibe using this app. So that’s why I choose this app and will buy the PRO Version ASAP. Good job, dev!

Brotha Neo It is Very convenient and useful! Especially when on the go and you want to edit a video. Offers enough of what we need to edit a video adequately. So much to the point that as of now I actually use it as my main video editor. I would love to be able to change the color and designs of the title caption themes they offer. don’t want to use their color backgrounds all of the time. Also, love to be able to create our own caption animations!

Vincent Cañas Personally, is the best video editor on this platform. Lots of features you can experience and apply to a project at the same time. What will happen if you guys can provide us a 1-day subscription from the app, would it hurt though? I mean it sounds unusual for that kind of subscription but it can benefit an individual, like a student at least.

Last Word

I’m assuming that this article would be useful for you to download the premium version of PowerDirector Mod Apk, and I wish you the best of luck for your video editing to discover and develop new content ideas to entertain the world with your creativity and creative mind.

This premium version is only for you to edit videos like a pro, show your creativity to the world, teach others how to edit creative videos on an android phone with PowerDirector and there are so many YouTube channels from where you can learn and improve your skill.

I hope this article helped you to find the PowerDirector Mod Apk Download Link with the easiest method. If it is useful for you then make sure to share it with all your friends who want to try editing with such an amazing application.


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